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Publicity and Promotion

Front cover, The World at My Fingertips
Publicity and Promotion

Steve Welker is committed to getting the word out, to creating "buzz" for The World at My Fingertips by any means possible.

He plans a campaign to garner radio and TV interview opportunities, and, using his contacts in both the business and the community of not-for-profit organizations, he is set to notify, educate and demonstrate to these constituencies how his story can bring enhanced visibility and public favor to them, thus furthering their own internal missions and goals. He has already demonstrated his capability to do this with several nonprofit causes to which he has donated his time and talents, not the least of which is his own charitable foundation, for which he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of worthwhile causes.

Bookstore appearances and other public events in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff and other Arizona locations will be scheduled around the release of the book, and if warranted, Steve will travel on a book tour with greater geographic scope.

Postcards and bookmarks are to be produced, and e-mail publicity and promotional campaigns to retail bookstores, particularly Christian bookstores, church bookstores of all denominations, new age and new thought "inspirational" bookstores and gift shops will be conducted when the book is released.

A significant number of review copies will be sent out in advance of the book's release, and press releases will be sent to all media covering the book industry.

The World at My Fingertips will also be submitted to a number of book award competitions and displayed at a number of book fairs in various Arizona cities.


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