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Personal Marketing

Front cover, The World at My Fingertips
Personal Marketing

Steve Welker is comfortable in his skin. And this is a good thing, because many physically challenged people tend often to feel "less than." Not Steve. He is an outgoing, intelligent individual with considerable charm and demonstrable speaking skills.

In pursuit of promoting his book, Steve has committed himself to a substantial effort to put himself in front of audiences -- the larger the better -- anywhere he goes.

In marketing The World at My Fingertips, Steve will actually be marketing himself, for the book, after all, is his personal story, and his presence in any group will attest, as it always has, to the truth about "what Steve Welker is really like."

Plans are being formulated for exposing Steve as a public speaker at churches, fraternal and business-oriented organizations,  various kinds of support groups, and in other venues that lend themselves to the story he has to tell.

As mentioned on another page, Steve will also devote considerable time to promoting his message in the media, with particular emphasis on radio and television exposure.


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