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Front cover, The World at My Fingertips

Bookstores today are filled with inspirational materials of all sorts. There is no question that American society is quite taken with the notion that the individual is a source of power and that "anyone can do it." And yet, most people don't "do it," don't "live it" -- rather, they turn to the stories of others to give them hope and comfort, a sense of possibility.
The fact is, each and every such book has merit, and it is impossible to make direct comparisons of one to another.
Steve Welker's story, though, is most unusual, completely charming, and proveably courageous. There is also no question that word of mouth will carry The World at My Fingertips a good distance down the road to success even in the face of so many other great and inspiring stories.
The World at My Fingertips simply doesn't have any competition because there isn't another book quite like it. But uniqueness is not a reason for success. However, it is a jumping-off point and a pivotal selling point for all of the publicity, promotion and marketing effort that will be invested into the book as it makes its mark.


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