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Front cover, The World at My Fingertips

The most prominent asset of The World at My Fingertips is its author, Steve Welker. And Steve's most consistent personal asset -- an unstintingly positive attitude born of a strong faith in God and Man -- has enabled him to create from his story an object lesson for every reader. The book demonstrates and teaches this lesson on every page.

The fact is, we all have "handicaps." We may not be blind, or deaf, or otherwise physically challenged, but in our upbringing and in our daily lives we have taken on a certain amount of "baggage" that impedes our growth as human beings in the increasingly complex world that our society has produced. And that baggage has engendered an "attitude" that isn't always loving, positive and expansive.

Steve's story demonstrates in a powerful way that the indomitable spirit that energizes the life of each of us can be put to work to carry any of us constantly and unwaveringly into and through a productive life, regardless of those factors which would tell us that for us growth simply isn't possible -- at least, not now!

This having been said, the material asset arising from Steve's attitude is his willingness to extend himself to bring his message of hope to others. He is committed to that goal. Insofar as his time allows, he will do what it takes to promote his book.

Secondary to Steve himself, his experiences and contacts have also provided access to organizations and people who can extend the outreach of the book. Sports figures, politicians, businesspeople in the Phoenix community, and entertainers -- some of whom have national reputations -- find themselves in the circle of Steve Welker's friends, and these contacts may prove very helpful in bringing awareness of the book to a wide and welcoming audience.


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